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At Grasstec Geomatics we offer a vast range of surveying services, specialising in 3D Laser Scanning, Aerial Surveys, and 3D Interactive Modelling.
We provide these services for multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals, engineering and project management companies, from the design and planning stages up to project completion and operation and maintenance.

3D Laser scanning is a rapid and reliable method for surveying complex, inaccessible, or congested areas. It is a non-contact precision method of surveying that captures accurate measurements with greatly reduced time on site. We use the Leica Scanstation P40. This is one of the most advanced survey instruments available, scanning one million points per second. The data captured consists of billions of points within a 3D space called a point cloud which can be processed for numerous applications.

At Grasstec Geomatics we strive to bring a combination of expert knowledge and unrivaled service to ensure that your project is completed with the highest level of efficiency.

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