Point Clouds

The data collected from our surveys is called Point Cloud Data. Point clouds are a collection of data points within a 3D coordinate system usually defined as X,Y, and Z. Once data has been collected from our point cloud surveys, we can then generate our 3D Point Clouds so we can get an accurate visualisation of the object or area in question.

3D Laser Scanning (or High Definition Surveying) is undoubtedly the best measurement tool. Thanks to this service we are able to save our clients precious time and money. Generally, the amount of money saved is anywhere from 3 to 10 times the cost of the service. We can virtually eliminate the disruption of our customers daily operations which will stop costly downtime. Our equipment is able to work at safe distances from dangerous or inaccessible areas.

We specialise in providing accurate 3D Laser scans and 3D models to engineers, architects and facilities managers. Our services have an application suited to a diverse range of industries. Thanks to our service we can reduce project delays, design errors, and cost overruns.

A true, geo-referenced 3D perspective of the project site:

  • Providing a snapshot in time

  • Highly accurate

  • Increased safety measures

  • Virtually eliminate the need for repeat site visits minimising downtime

  • Improved team coordination, budgeting and cost control using current, accurate data.

  • Compatible with numerous software programs, including AutoCAD, Microstation

  • Historic preservation

  • Create a database of digital archives of your facility

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