3D Laser Scanning with Leica P40 HDS Scanner:

Grasstec Geomatics use the state of the art Leica P40 HDS scanner to capture data.
This HDS scanner is capable of collecting up to 1,000,000 points per second giving large amounts of data and guaranteeing the highest possible accuracy. Our 3D laser Scanner has an accuracy of up to 0.8mm giving it the leading edge on the market.

Once our data is captured from a site, we take it back to the office and it is then processed with our software. The detailed point cloud is then created. Once the Point Cloud is complete, it can then be converted into a suitable format to generate the 3D model from. This model can then be used for any purpose you require.

Our P40  ultra-high-speed scanners increase field and office productivity, while simultaneously grabbing users’ attention with strikingly sharper, crisper scans and HDR true color images, even under many conditions traditionally difficult for scanning.

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